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15:22 03-07-2012
We’ve all experienced it. The home that was once just perfect suddenly becomes uncomfortable. It’s too cramped for our expanding family; it’s too big for our emptying nest – one way or another, it just doesn’t “fit” with the way we’re living our lives now.  We don’t want to change everything, so we opt for [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
December 6th 2011 Canary Wharf, London, UK Register Join senior executives from some of the UK’s leading corporates to hear cutting edge case studies and participate in interactive panel sessions to hear how the likes of DSM, Ernst & Young, Logica, Clifford Chance Alsbridge and others have used China as a high quality, low cost [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
NIIT Technologies Inc is a publicly held global IT services company operating in 14 countries and certified at highest process and security levels. It focuses on Insurance, Travel, Logistics & Hospitality, Financial Services, Media and Healthcare in North America. It is ranked as the third best outsourcer in the world by Data monitor Black Book [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
Enterprise IT and compliance groups agree on one thing for certain: their cloud environments could use some work on the security front. Less than half of the 1,018 IT security practitioners and enterprise compliance officers surveyed by the Ponemon Institute, which conducts independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy, believe their organizations [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
By leveraging the huge amounts of data, organizations of all types can increase operational efficiency and quality, leading to cost and labor savings and a competitive edge, along with streamlines processes and a better ability to fight fraud. In this white paper, you’ll learn how organizations are managing and analyzing proliferating data and how these [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
Wipro Voice: Discusses How to manage information assets while moving from an In-House model to the Cloud Today’s enterprise is no longer confined to the four walls of its corporate campus. Growing emphasis on collaboration, efficiency and innovation is changing the behavior of today’s enterprise; this change is impacting the IT landscape as well. As [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
In just the past month, two Indian providers announced plans to expand their onshore operations in the United States. MindTree – a Tier 2 IT and product engineering services company – is opening its new IT development center in Gainesville, Florida and plans to bring at least 400 jobs into the city over several years. [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
Although the concept of application optimization is not new, the way companies approach optimization is shifting.  In the past, optimization, if addressed at all, was regarded as a one-time consulting service, handled by an unrelated, third-party vendor.  Today, successful companies are taking a more holistic approach — working with a service provider who can deliver [...]
15:22 03-07-2012
Many of the 92 team members of Hanson Mold operate machining centers, so they are either standing in place or seated all day. Ditto for the 140 employees of Horizon Software, who are glued to their computer screens the majority of the work day. Both companies provide healthcare benefits. They are committed to helping their employees become [...]
15:20 03-07-2012
By now you’ve probably read at least one of the 1,300 plus articles penned about the recent Amazon Web Services service interruption (including mine). Treff LaPlante, CEO, WorkXpress, sees a silver lining in the thunderstorms surrounding this event. “Even though none of us wanted to see this happen, it has become a beneficial educational experience [...]
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